Smart Grid Update: Rollout Continues in Chicago Suburbs

As many of you already know, power companies are now in the process of rolling out the smart grid across Illinois. ComEd has an interactive map here, which allows you to see which parts of Illinois are already on the smart grid, which are in progress, and which are coming soon.

Here’s the scoop:

  • If you live in the suburbs of Chicago, near Wheaton, Oak Park, Villa Park, Carol Stream, and Elmhurst, chances are that smart meters have already been installed in your area!
  • Parts of the South Side of Chicago have also received smart meters.
  • Most of Chicago is currently in the process of getting smart meters installed. If your neighborhood is on the list, ComEd will notify you about when installations are scheduled to take place. Installation is free, just be sure that there is nothing blocking access to your current meter so that the technicians can access it easily when they arrive.
  • Moving north from Chicago, if you live near Wheeling, North Park, Deer Park, Barrington, or Schaumburg, be on the lookout! ComEd is likely in your neighborhood now, installing smart meters.

For ComEd customers, ComEd’s map is a really useful tool for keeping track of the smart grid rollout, and when you will be affected by it. Just type in your zip code to find out when you will receive your smart meter.

Have a smart meter installed already? Let us know how you’re using it, and if you have questions about what it can do for you, in the comments section.