Making a Greener Future

Have you read Bill and Melinda Gates’ annual letter, yet? Released just this week, the letter highlights the two superpowers they wished they had: Time and Energy. Why time and energy? They write:

“More than one billion people today live without access to energy. No electricity to light and heat their homes, power hospitals and factories, and improve their lives in thousands of ways. Likewise, a lack of time creates obstacles too. It’s not simply the feeling of not having enough hours in the day. It’s the crippling effect of having to perform the backbreaking work that needs to get done when there’s no electricity.”

Not surprisingly, Bill and Melinda Gates have an expansive vision for what the world could do with more time and energy, and a plan to begin investing. One of the main enterprises highlighted in the letter is to begin investing in innovative — even crazy — ideas for generating affordable, clean energy that can be accessible to people living all over the globe.

Bill Gates cautions that even though many of us are making concerted efforts to decrease our personal energy use and live in ways that are healthier for the planet, “Unfortunately, they don’t get us to zero [carbon emissions]. In fact, most scientists agree that by 2050 we’ll be using 50 percent more energy than we do today.”

This is sobering news. But Bill is hopeful, and so are we. By getting on the smart grid and investing in smart meters and smart thermostats, we can not only be part of the wave that helps keep our planet as healthy as possible while Bill Gates’ scientists are hard at work in the lab looking for zero-emissions technologies. We can also be prepared to tap into these new technologies when they become available.

So keep trucking, Illinois! And if you need help finding information on the smart grid, check out our FAQs.