Rewarding Our Green Friends!

Friends, we’ve got some exciting news…

Smart Power Illinois is hosting its very own sweepstakes for the first time, and we’re pretty proud of the prizes we have to give away. All you have to do is like us on Facebook, and click the Sweepstakes tab on our Facebook page. You enter your name and email address, and voila! You have a chance to win.

Want to know what we’re giving away?

1. A Nest Thermostat

We extolled the virtues of smart thermostats in last week’s post, and now we get to give one away. Nest thermostats learn how you like your home’s temperature set and adjust automatically, allow you to track your energy bill in real time, and can send alerts if there’s anything wrong — like temperatures so low your water pipes could burst.

2. $500 gift card for The Home Depot (which we hope you’ll use for a brand new Energy Star appliance)

We can always think of about $500 worth of things we need to pick up at The Home Depot. Let us help you out! May we suggest putting this money towards a big, exciting purchase, like a new Energy Star certified washing machine or refrigerator?

3. Tickets to the Shedd Aquarium

Not sure what’s at the Shedd? Let’s see:



Our friends at the Shedd Aquarium donated two tickets for the sweepstakes. It’s an amazing place, and because the animals in their care have very specific temperature needs, they’ve taken big steps to be sure they use sustainable, energy-efficient design techniques, including solar panels, LED light fixtures and smart technology to monitor their energy usage in real time. You can learn more on their website.

We’ll be picking a winner a week starting this Friday, February 12th until Friday, February 26th. It’s super easy to enter. Just like our Facebook page and enter your email address.

So get in there and enter for your chance to win!