New Nest Features

Nest smart thermostat installed in a home

Drumroll please…

Last week, Nest announced that they’re updating their software with some new features. First, you can now have a family account, meaning that multiple users can all log into the app independently. A second improvement is that Nest will now be able to use the geolocation of family members’ phones to be more accurate about figuring out when someone is home. (However, they note, “Nest doesn’t track where you go. Home/Away Assist only needs to know if you’re home or not.”) Time imagines that these two improvements could make for some really cool features in the future:

“This may seem small, but it represents a shift in thinking. For years the connected device industry has followed the trend of the mobile world, building links between a single person and their device. But with the smart home and the Internet of things, the challenge for device and app makers is to think about building links between a device and the home, which generally contains multiple people.”

Are these features you’ve been waiting for in a smart thermostat? If you don’t have a smart thermostat, would these features make you want one? Let us know in the comments section, below.

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