The British are Coming!

Well… it’s more like the smart grid has come to Great Britain, too. Smart Energy GB is an independent project to “make sure everyone in Great Britain understands smart meters, the rollout and how to use their meters to get their gas and electricity under control.” As part of their work, they created a series of videos with the theme “Estimation Nation,” and they do a great job explaining one of the things that smart meters really allow us to control — our energy bills!

Here’s a funny video from the “Estimation Nation” campaign:

On the old grid, it was frustrating to pay bills that were just estimates of what we actually owed. And it would leave you wondering: Are all of the little habits we adopt to save energy really making an impact on our energy bills? With smart meters, utilities can accurately track electricity use, and only charge us for the energy we actually use.

Here’s our explanation:

Watching the videos from Smart Energy GB gives a great big-picture look at how Illinois is just one small piece of a global trend to make our electrical grid smarter, greener, and more cost-effective. Plus, they gave us a laugh and we hope they’ll make you laugh too…