Happy Earth Day!

It’s springtime, the Midwestern prairie is starting to warm up, and we’re starting to think about all the ways we’ll get outside and enjoy some beautiful nature this year. It’s National Parks Week too, and the internet is alive with gorgeous photos of the nation’s wildest places. But of course, we all have to pitch in to keep them that way.

So in celebration of Earth Day, we’re taking a pledge to do just three small things every single day that will help keep our planet green.

Earth Day Pledge

Want to take our Earth Day Pledge? Here are three easy ways to get the whole household on board:

  1. Set up reminders like Post-It notes on the fridge and light switches.
  2. Do the habit consciously for one whole week, and agree to remind each other every day.
  3. At the end of each energy billing period note the savings and reward yourselves.

Smart meters and the smart devices they enable make it even easier to track your success in keeping the Earth Day Pledge. For example, use your smart thermostat to find a temperature that is comfortable but requires minimal energy to maintain, and track your energy savings with new energy data apps.

If we all join together to reduce our energy use, we can rest easier knowing that we’re doing our part to help make sure there will be camping under the stars for generations to come.

What’s your Earth Day pledge? Let us know in the comments section below!