Businesses get smart

What if you were greeted by name the moment you walked into your office, then handed your favorite cup of coffee, and as you sat down at your desk to get to work your chair was just the way you liked it? Sounds pretty nice, right?

That’s not exactly what smart technology is doing in the workplace, but according to a recent Guardian article, smart technologies are helping make office buildings — like smart homes — more energy efficient while also keeping people maximally comfortable. Using sensors, buildings know where people are located at any given time and use this information to determine when and where to turn off lighting or control the climate in certain areas of the building.

According to the Guardian, people have expressed concerns that smart technology could be abused by tracking when specific employees are at their desks. But Preeti Bajaj, vice-president of strategy and transformation at Schneider Electric, says that these technologies are not designed to track any identifying information about people as they move through buildings. Employees remain anonymous. Bajaj says, “It isn’t about tracking who is where, it’s about tracking where people are in terms of whether spaces are being used effectively.”

Most commercial buildings in Australia already have monitoring systems that adjust water and energy levels to make the buildings more efficient—and one building reportedly saved 18% in energy, with the help of smart technology.

Make sure your business is getting the most out of the smart grid. One easy way to get “smart” is by installing technology like a smart thermostat. Check out our blog post on how smart thermostats work. Or, find out about energy efficiency for large buildings from our partner Elevate Energy.