5 Fun Videos to Get You Going Green

Cat watching his energy usage. From Smart Energy GB

You know that feeling when you’re scouring the internet for new strategies to go green and then, suddenly, you find that needle in a haystack, that absolute gem…

The beautifully shot, hilarious, and totally right-on-message energy-efficiency video?!

Ahem… ok, maybe that’s not everyone’s thing. That’s why we did the scouring for you, and compiled a list of our top 5 favorite videos:

  1. Imagine a baking challenge — done by estimate.

2. Public transportation saves on gas money. And… it’s really cool.

3. Cats. Need we say more?

4. Not to toot our own horn… but… *toot toot*

5. And finally… Bill Nye explains why all of this is important!

Happy watching!