Clean up your energy use just in time for spring

An energy efficient home for spring

Anyone else out there working on spring cleaning? Why not do a little energy clean up while you’re at it?

Spring is the perfect time to make important adjustments to your home energy set up while you’re not depending on heating or air conditioning to stay comfortable. Here are eight tips from the Department of Energy to get more energy efficient this spring:

  • Install a programmable or smart thermostat
  • Check that your window treatments maximize your ability to make use of natural sunlight and reduce heat loss and gain
  • Switch to Energy Star appliances
  • Choose energy efficient lighting
  • Use power strips for your small appliances and electronics.
  • Replace your water fixtures with low-flow ones, and lower your water heater’s temperature
  • Hire a professional to perform routine maintenance on your heating and cooling systems
  • Consult a professional for a home energy audit.

Quick note on tip number eight: ComEd customers, did you know you may be eligible for a free home energy audit? This is a great way to get tips on making your home energy efficient, and ComEd may be able to provide you with free or reduced-cost energy efficiency products and services. Look for more information here.

Happy Spring!