How the Museum of Science & Industry is Fueling Energy Awareness

Chicago is home to some of the best museums in the United States, and The Museum of Science & Industry is no exception. From the history of space exploration to interactive exhibits, it houses some of the most exciting and educational science exhibits for you and the family to enjoy.

The Future Energy Chicago Exhibit is a permanent fixture in the museum and acts as a collaborative way for visitors to understand sustainability, learn about future technologies, and see how their decisions can play a larger role in the community.

“Our primary goal with Future Energy Chicago is to encourage and empower young people to envision their own role in our energy future,” said David Mosena, President and CEO of the Museum.

A simulation game gives children and adults the ability to pick and choose sustainable resources to see how the community grows. Additionally, interactive games in the ‘Energy Garden’ section of the exhibit allow museum-goers to:

– Ride a bike and convert motion energy into electrical energy, powering a dazzling array of visual effects, such as fire and water;

– Crank a hand generator and activate an array of “plasma trees” that energize the entire exhibit space;

– Feel the difference in energy demand among a range of light bulbs, from the inefficient incandescent to the super efficient LED, as they power them with their own physical effort.

This summer, head over to the Museum of Science and Industry with the kids to enjoy this exhibit and many more! From June 3rd-5th, 2019, admission is free for Illinois residents.  

For more information, visit the Museum of Science and Industry website. Images courtesy of MIS.