6 Ways to Save Energy & Money

Energy saving can be easier than you think! Small changes can yield big results, and we think you’ll be doing a happy dance when you see your next energy bill.

1. Turn off the lights

Easy peasy, right? Do a quick scan of the household when you leave, or turn off lights in any rooms that aren’t occupied. Over time, this can yield into significant cost and energy savings!

Pro-tip: turn this into a game with your kids to teach them energy-saving habits at a young age!

2. Keep the oven door closed while cooking

Opening and closing the oven door repeatedly while you’re baking a delicious meal can result in a temperature drop of up to 25 degrees, making your oven work harder and potentially ruining your dish! If you need to check on your meal, use the oven light or the flashlight setting on your phone.

3. Replace your air filters

Air filters can accumulate dust, pet hair, and other particles, making your unit work harder, and your utility bills higher. Replace the filter every 3 months for maximum impact.

Live in an apartment building? Reach out to maintenance or put in a work order for your filter be replaced regularly.

4. Clean the coils on your refrigerator

This tip may require an extra set of hands, but cleaning your fridge coils can make it run more efficiently, resulting in lower energy output and lower energy bills.

5. Spot check your air vents and radiator

Are your air vents or radiators obstructed by furniture or other items? If so, that can make your heating and A/C units work overtime. Embrace your inner interior designer by rearranging your household items to ensure constant air flow throughout your home. Use this video to guide you through the cleaning process.

By spending just a few minutes on each tip, you can reduce your energy consumption and keep your home running efficiently. How smart is that?

6. See what savings your energy provider is offering

ComEd and Ameren are offering rebates when you make the switch to a Nest Thermostat, along with other money-saving deals. Head over to the ComEd Marketplace or explore Ameren’s Residential Programs to stay cool this summer without spending more on your energy bill.

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