The Plant-Air Quality Myth and the Benefits of Indoor Gardens

There’s No Better Time Than Now

There are so many reasons to bring “the green” into your living space: ambiance, mental health, education, and culinary additions to name a few. And since we’re home more often due to the pandemic, it’s the perfect time for indoor projects. However, before we dig into the many benefits of indoor gardening, there is one myth we have to address: indoor plants and air quality.

The Common Myth of Indoor Plants

Think houseplants improve the air quality of your home? We did too, but recently discovered it’s a myth. This belief originates from a 1989 NASA study that shows the ability of a common houseplant to reduce the existence of some air pollutants. A major flaw in using this study to support the air purification theory is that your home is not a small, hermetically-sealed and controlled environment. To produce the same results, you would need somewhere between 10 and 1,000 houseplants for every square meter of your home. Never thought we’d say this but, that might be too many plants.While we now know air quality might not be drastically improved by your indoor garden, the benefits are still numerous!

Houseplants Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most critical aspects of daily life. Studies have shown that interacting and caring for an indoor garden can boost your mood, reduce stress levels, and lead to better sleep. Plants are proven to have a calming and tranquil effect on the mind just by looking at them. Also, knowledge-based work and creative processes can be enhanced by being in the presence of our green companions. One fascinating study even suggests having living plants around will promote physical healing after an injury or surgery.

Houseplants Provide a Learning Opportunity

Perhaps you don’t have a green thumb. That doesn’t mean a blossoming garden is out of reach. Gardening is a science both adults and kids can benefit from learning. Whether you have kids involved in homeschooling or are interested in starting a new hobby, gardening is an excellent way to enjoy the extra time we have at home. 

One significant benefit of an indoor garden over an outdoor garden is the ability to control the atmosphere. Every plant has its own unique set of needs. Lighting, temperature, and water requirements are essential factors to consider when beginning your garden adventure. All it takes is a little research to determine which plants will work best for you and your space. This list of 30 Easiest House Plants is a great place to start! There is a wide variety of material available with tips, tricks, and information on how to start and keep your indoor garden thriving. 

Houseplants are Eco-Friendly 

A major way an indoor garden can help promote a greener lifestyle is the reduction of food waste. Nothing beats readily available fresh herbs for that perfect pasta or salad, but did you know that many vegetables will happily grow inside? Among some of the most surprising are carrots, peppers, lettuce, and microgreens. These fresh additions will not only boost your culinary abilities but also reduce your impact on the climate. 

Another great benefit is having a reason to utilize your new indoor compost. Check out how to start your very own in our June blog, “How to Compost from Your Apartment (Or Anywhere)!” 

Starting an Indoor Garden

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a spacious house, an indoor garden is a fun, green, and beneficial undertaking. If you are ready to get started but don’t have the means or time to go shopping for plants, you are in luck. The Petal Republic has compiled a list of the 15 Best Options for Plant Delivery in Chicago. It’s easier than ever to start the project that keeps on giving!